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The Club
Run by the bets of Drug Lords, Dotcom Billionaires and even International Arms Dealers, The Club recruits outsiders to fight in their violent underground blood sport, like ancient gladiators, the combatants have only one option, to kill or be killed.

The Club is an extremely fast paced third person shooter presented in an arcade style in which every second counts as you run, aim, fire, repeat through many different levels in order to rack up a huge score. Even thought the game is presented in an arcade style, the gameplay is in fact of the same level as any other third person shooter available today, only difference is you don’t get a chance to take cover, as you need to get as many kills as possible in a short space of time, racking up combo kills for huge scores to prove that you’re the greatest competitor still alive in this extremely deadly blood sport.

The main game is broken down in to eight tournaments, each of which takes place in a unique location and sees all the competitors battling it out over several events, with each competitors picking up points on their rank after each event. The different events available are: Sprint, where you must get as many points as you can and reach the exit. Siege, where you are confined to a small area and have to survive till the time ends while scoring as many points as possible. Time Attack, run laps against the clock to score points for kills and time left at the end. Survivor, roam a large area flooded with enemies and pick up as many kills as possible in the time limit, if you survive that long. Run the Gauntlet, the time is short, so run for your life while scoring as many kills as possible because there’s no time to turn back.

The most unique aspect of The Club has got to be the scoring system, which rewards you for combo kills and better, cooler kills. Once you earn a kill, a combo timer starts ticking down; this gives you a limited amount of time for you to make another kill to increase your multiplier. If you do lose a combo by taking too long for another kill, the combo bar begins to “bleed” and you multiplier number drops down, when it hits 0, the combo is lost. The idea of the combo bar is it multiplies your next kill’s score by the your current multiplier, so scoring 1000 points for a kill after 5 previous kills in a combo, you would score 5000 points. If you manage to get a stylish kill, such as a head shot kill, or a kill using your last bullet, then you get bonus points, which makes for some awesome kills, as you can receive more then one bonus per kill, such as death roll, head shot, last bullet all in one go if you manage to roll and then kill someone with a headshot and it happens to be the last round in your clip.

Graphics wise, The Club actual looks quite good, with some nicely detailed characters, levels and weapons, no surprise, since it was created by the same team that gave you Project Gotham Racing.

This game is the ultimate challenge for people who love shooters, so if you want to put your gaming skills to the test, then you should enjoy this game to the full, but if you're not seeking to beat the game on all difficulties then you may find this game a little short in comparison.

Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC | Reviewed on: PS3 Alan | 19 February 2009
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