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Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance: Fall of Man is one of the PlayStation 3's first FPS' and is the first PS3 game to sell over 1 million copies. The game is set after the peace of the Great War was ended by the revelation of a ruthless and destructive race called the Chimera. It all began with the Chimeran virus, which originated in Russia, wiping out the entire country, the Chimera then began to build their invasion forces as the world could only guess to what had happened in Russia. Now, In 1951 Great Britain finds itself under invasion after both Asia and Europe have already fallen to the Chimera. So the U.S. and British survivors join forces and rise up as the last resistance fighters, but humanity's hopes for survival are slim...

You assume the role of U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. Nathan Hale, who is part of the second wave of US forces to storm the eastern coast of England, but shortly after your arrival, your entire unit is attacked and infected with the Chimeran virus. However, Hale somehow managed to survive, as the Chimeran virus didn't kill him, instead it somehow changed him, giving him superhuman abilities, helping you to fight off the invasion.

Resistance has solid FPS gameplay, which is easy to get the hang of for beginners, yet has plenty of more advanced controls for the more experienced FPS gamer to get their teeth into, from scopes and melee attacks, to the ability to shake off enemies, tracker bullets and sticky grenades by shaking the controller, making this an extremely fun, high paced action shooter. Now when it comes to graphics, Resistance shows you exactly how a next generation game should look, with astounding visuals and highly detailed characters and surroundings, for a launch title, this is indeed an achievement.

The range of weapons in the game is defiantly another main attraction, from your basic human rifles and shotguns, to incredible Chimeran weapons, such as the Auger which can shoot through walls as well as deploy a temporary shield, what would you expect from the developers who brought you Ratchet and Clank.

The main campaign mode will see you fighting off the Chimeran forces through a multitude of different locations all the way across England, but not all levels are you on foot, as you get to take control of a number of vehicles, including a military tank and jeep for taking out larger enemies and groups. There's also a great two player co-op mode for you and a friend to take on the whole game together in split-screen, which follows the single player campaign exactly, however the gameplay is bound to feel more like a tag team army as you work together to kill all the Chimera you face. There's also your typical split-screen multiplayer for all your friends to battle it out to the death.

But Resistance's online multiplayer is one the best online multiplayers available, featuring loads of maps and tons of game modes spread across ranked and unranked matches, you can even have up to 40 players in just one match. There is also a buddy list, where you can add other players you play against separate from you PSN friends as well as a full clan functions, which allows you to have a home screen for your clan where you can list clan news, as well as see a list of all other clan members. Of course there is also the option to create a party so that you and your friends can launch into the same match together or you can simply host clan only unranked matches, so only clan members can join your private match. The game not only supports text chat when in lobbies, but its own messaging system to contact other online players without the need to send standard PSN message, however you can actually access the PSN friends list part of the XMB in-game so that you can message them to come on resistance with you. Also you can use voice chat in-game to talk to your team members, with the ability for players to select one of four audio channels to keep their chat private between other players who also switch to another channel, or simply leave it on the first channel so that all players with headsets can hear and talk to each other, the same as in lobbies.

So if you own a PlayStation 3, you must own this game, there's no excuse, an essential purchase for all.

Available on: PS3 | Reviewed on: PS3 Alan | 23 February 2009
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