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Ridge Racer
Ridge Racer is all we hoped for from the PSP and more, with its adrenaline-pumping, high-fuelled, solid arcade racing action and awesome drift handling that pushes the term "sideways" to incredible extremes.

The biggest difference to the game this time around is the all new nitrous system that gives your machines a serious boost of speed, earning nitrous is simple, the more time you spend sideways, the more the nitrous gauge fills. But this game isn't only amazing because of the awesome power-slides or the nitro boosts, but because the graphics are stunning, with sleek looking cars, beautifully crafted tracks and awesome special effects such as fireballs, sparks that fly from the car at blistering speeds and the motion blur at high-speeds, which all show off the amazing graphical power of the PSP.

There are plenty of game modes to keep you happy too, first off is the extensive World Tour mode, with loads of different race events for you to participate in, starting with some simple racing events to get you started off with, until you unlock a higher class car, which gives you access to higher class race events and with 58 high performance cars to unlock in total, it will defiantly keep you busy until you unlock them all. There's also the usual Single Race and Time Attack modes available where you can pick any car and then any of over 24 tracks to race on, also Wireless Battle mode allows you to challenge up to 8 other players to see who truly is the better driver.

When it comes to choosing a car to drive, there are three distinctive drift types to choose from, Standard, Mild and Dynamic, each of which have a different effect during drifting. Dynamic allows you to easily send the car sideways and switch the direction of the slide, however more precise control is needed to stop drifting, making this more for advanced drivers only, where as Mild is not suited to making large changes to the vehicles direction or to keep drifting steadily over long distances, but is easy to come out of a drift. Finally Standard is a exceptional balance between the two, making it easier for a beginner to get the hang of drifting.

Another large part of Ridge Racer has always been the music, with this latest game being no different, featuring loads of new pulse-pounding tracks, as well as a large collection of remixed and classic Ridge Racer tunes.

All in all this has got to be the definitive game in the series, far surpassing its previous full-sized titles, making you realise the awesome capability of the PSP.

Available on: PSP | Reviewed on: PSP Alan | 3 March 2009
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