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Fired Up
Fired Up is a fast action, frenzy firing, vehicle based shooter. From the outset you find yourself playing as one of a rag-tag team of resistance fighters that are striking back against a hostile invasion force.

For the first time on PlayStation Portable, you find yourself driving around huge open-ended city environments completing various missions for other resistance fighters. Some of the action will be familiar, think GTA and Twisted Metal, bringing open-ended gameplay to vehicle based combat with big guns and bigger explosions. As you complete story missions in the game, you'll unlock new locations and characters to play as, each with their very own vehicles of course. For instance, when playing up in the mountains level, you get the opportunity to swap character and vehicle mid-game, Isabel with her buggy for Victoria with her former peace keeper truck.

When you want to start a mission, you simply have to head over to one of the green area markers in the environment and then you'll be briefed on the details of you mission, which usually ranges from taking out several enemy patrols to taking pictures of containers filled with contraband. While in-between missions, you get the opportunity to collect hidden stars to unlock more weapons or to complete special "Fired Up" missions.

As if driving around blowing up enemies wasn't enough, you can always take the fight to your friends too with multiplayer mode; made easier thanks to the game-sharing feature, where you can send a copy of the games multiplayer mode to them so you can compete against or alongside you. There are loads of different game modes available, ranging from free-for-all matches, to team games and even races, all across the games large selection of multiplayer maps. But just in case you want more levels, there are an additional 5 multiplayer maps available to download and expand your multiplayer experience with.

So if you enjoy multiplayer vehicle combat, then look no further than Fired Up.

Available on: PSP | Reviewed on: PSP Alan | 8 March 2009
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