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Earth Defence Force 2017
Earth Defence Force 2017 is a Third Person Shooter rather than the more familiar First Person Shooter, this means the camera is behind and above the player, rather than being from the players point of view, this means you can see more of the arena and have better control of the player, but it also means poor control over weapons.

Earth Defence Force 2017 is an apocalyptic scenario game, the player is a member of the EDF and must fight hordes of invading aliens to save the world. You are not alone, you have many other A. I controlled players to assist you. Starting out you have few weapons to choose from and the aliens look more like giant Ants and Spiders, but space ships and robots do arrive as well and make the game more interesting.

You can unlock new weapons with pick-ups dropped by enemies as well as health kits and ammo boxes. You also have the opportunity to drive some fun tanks and hover bikes to speed you on your way.

This is the type of game that should be rubbish, but once played it offers the kind of free-for-all fun missing from Call of Duty and other games where it is all a little too serious, this injects a well needed dose of pointless insanity that makes a console exciting again. Welcome to Earth Defence Force, comic relief in a world of serious WWII and strategy games. Sit back and enjoy, you'll be glad you did.

Available on: Xbox 360 | Reviewed on: Xbox 360 Stewart | 31 March 2009
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