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Warframe Fortuna Update Revealed Tennocon 2018

At Tennocon 2018 Digital Extremes revealed it's latest huge update to Warframe, Fortuna...

"Welcome to the open Landscape of Venus, coming in the Fortuna update later in 2018!"

Featuring an open world several times larger then the Plains of Eidolon, players will meet the Solaris United, in thier fight against the Corpus. Another cool new adition is the hoverboard, the "Bondi K-Drive" allowing tenno to get around faster then ever before.

But thats not the only update they had to show at Tennocon 2018, they also had Codename: Railjack

"From the shadows to the stars, Warframe is heading to the lawless frontier of space. Enlist a crew, manage your battlestations and engage in ship-to-ship dogfights and boarding operations."

Codename: Railjack is still currently in development, so no release date has been set just yet, but huge space battles it a fully crewed ship looks amazing!

Warframe is free-to-play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, because Ninjas Play Free.

Oh and it also coming to... Nintendo Switch!

Alan | 8 July 2018
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