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Saints Row: The Third announced for Switch

Saints Row: The Third has been announced for release on the Nintendo Switch during this years Gamescom and is set to release in March 2019.

Saints Row: The Third originally released back in late 2011 on the PC, PS3, XBox 360 and this is the first time a Saints Row game will appear on a Nintendo console.

"Today is the day you've all been waiting for. Once the Saints were an upstart street gang, struggling for every inch of turf. Today, the Saints are a criminal empire that has seen it all. The only action that gets their blood pumping these days typically involves a combination of tigers, fighter jets, and/or furry costumes. Today, you can experience Saints Row: The Third for yourself. Today, you can experience an over-the-top guilty pleasure unlike anything you've played before. Today, you Strap It On."

Alan | 23 August 2018
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